Keep your Child's Vision healthy

Eyes are delicate organ of the human body that require a lot of our attention. Every dream begins with your vision. Vision problems are very common in school going kids. Unfortunately, a lot of these vision problems are detected later. It’s important to get your kid's eyes examined regularly. Be sure to have a yearly medical and eye check-up for your child. Here are a few symptoms which if you notice in your child makes it mandatory to see an eye specialist.

1. Blurry or double vision

2. Trouble in seeing the blackboard.

3. Difficulty paying attention in class

4. Headache

5. Poor performance in school especially after consistent performance

6. Difficulty when reading and studying.

Some of the things you could do to help nurture your child's vision are:

1. Balanced Diet: Make sure their diet includes green leafy vegetables like spinach, carrots, fruits rich in Vitamin A and C like oranges, mango, papaya and apricot. These are considered to be healthy for your children’s eyes.

2. Ask your children to watch TV from a distance of approx. 3.5 metre and in a well-lighted room.

3. Avoid playing video &mobile games which can cause headache, uneasiness in the eye, or blurred vision.

4. While using computers, the screen should be slightly lower than the eye level.

5. Avoid frequent rubbing of eyes.

6. Children should not touch the eyes with dirty hands.

7. Use appropriate light while studying

8. Do not give sharp toys to your kids for playing. This may cause injury to their eyes.

9. Make sure children wear protective masks and goggles while swimming.

10. If your child has been prescribed glasses, encourage them to wear it. Also get timely check-ups done to make sure the power of the glasses is correct.

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