Toys to Develop your Kid’s Vision

Toys are a great way to entertain, stimulate and help children learn. Your baby’s vision is only partially developed at birth. As your baby grows, his brain cells that are responsible for vision become mature. Did you know that age-appropriate and safe toys can help promote your child’s visual development? Here’s a quick guide for buying the perfect toy for your kid:

Expose your 0 – 5 months child to bright large rattles and squeaky rubber toys

Place multi coloured mittens on your baby’s hands

Hanging bells and multi coloured objects over your baby’s crib can help your child develop visual tracking – the ability to follow a moving object with their eyes.

Toys with small parts and stuffed toys may be hazardous at this age and likely to cause choking.

Stuffed animals, bright musical toys and floating bath toys are a great idea for 6-8 months old.

Wind-up toys which can move to and from your baby are a great way to develop their eye movement.

Building blocks or any toy that needs to be stacked or taken apart help develop hand-eye coordination.

Read aloud to your 9-12 months child from picture books while your child watches the pictures.

One-year old can fairly judge distances throw objects with some precision.

Playing throw ball, rocking horses and riding toys that need to be pushed with their feet are a good idea.

2 years old kids love mimicking grown-ups and can be encouraged to play with doll houses or pretend doctor sets etc.

Crayons, sorting games, ring toss games, puzzle blocks are great toys.

3 – 6 years old kids should be involved in activities which increase their visual skills necessary for reading, writing and memorizing.

Finger paints, modelling clay, cars, dumper trucks, planes, join the dot games, sticker books can be given.

Kids should be encouraged to learn riding a tricycle.

For children above 7 years of age, bicycles, roller skates, skipping ropes, remote controlled toys, building car and airplane models, card games, jigsaw puzzles, Lego sets help develop the child’s visual spatial and visual memory skills.

Hand held computer games or video games can help develop reflexes. However excessive periods of play should be avoided and parental supervision is a must. Active running and playing outdoor games must be encouraged.

If you notice any issues with your child’s vision or find your child becoming uncomfortable with a particular type of game, do remember to get your child an eye test by a Pediatric Ophthalmologist. The Pediatric Ophthalmologist at Advanced Eye Hospital, Navi Mumbai is adept at taking care of kids of all ages. To book an appointment with the pediatric ophthalmologist at AEHI

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