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Advanced Cataract Operated Successfully At AEHI, Navi Mumbai

Advanced Cataract Operated Successfully At AEHI, Navi Mumbai


Vision is the gift of life


Here we present a case of Mr.Subhash Patel 45 years man is a resident of Vashi, Navi Mumbai. Mr Patel was having complaints of watering from his eyes, blurred vision, since a week. He thought it would be due to his disturbed sleep in the night since a week, so he ignored his eye complaints. But since last 2 days, his trouble increased so he thought of getting his eyes checked.

Mr Patel is a Radiologist by profession. He was very keen in reading and diagnosing the diseases from the imaging films (X-rays, CT scan, MRI scan) of the body. But due to his eye complaints, he was not able to focus on his work. He got complaints from the consultants for the incorrect diagnosis, which was very disappointing for him. So he thought of getting his eyes checked from the best eye hospital. Where he started searching on the internet for the best eye hospitals in Navi Mumbai, he found Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute (AEHI) located at Palm Beach road, Navi Mumbai. He booked an appointment for himself at AEHI.

On the day of appointment as Mr Patel reached AEHI, he was pleased to see the cleanliness of the hospital and the pleasant smile on each and every staff's face. He got his routine eye examination done and then was referred to Dr Vandana Jain, Cataract and Cornea Specialist at AEHI. Dr Vandana Jain checked his eyes; she carried Slit Lamp examination (An examination which helps to determine the abnormalities in the eye). Dr Vandana Jain diagnosed the condition as Advanced Cataract. She advised a special eye test for his eye i.e. IOL master study (IOL Master is a special eye test to determine the power of the intraocular lens which is required to implant for cataract operation). Dr Vandana Jain explained him in detail the steps of cataract eye operation in a very simplified language which ruined all his nervousness. He has read on the internet about Dr Vandana Jain is the best eye Cataract Surgeon in Navi Mumbai, And after the consultation with Dr Vandana Jain, he felt himself be in a safe hand. He was scheduled for his operation in next 2 days. Before the operation, he was advised few blood tests as a part of a routine investigation to check with his blood sugar levels and medical fitness which were normal.

What is Cataract?

Cataract is clouding of the lens of the eye causing blurred vision. This clouding can be slight to complete opacity causing obstruction in the passage of light leading to decrease in vision. It can affect one or both the eyes. It is commonly related to the ageing process.

On the day of operation he was taken in the operation theatre numbing drops were added in his eyes right eye, and then Dr Vandana Jain started operation in his right eye. She placed an instrument in his eye to keep his eye open during the operation. Then the cataract was removed without taking any cuts on his eye or leaving any sutures and an artificial lens called Intraocular Lens (IOL) was inserted into the eye to correct the vision. Dr Vandana Jain waved a magic in his right eye in less than 30 minutes and he was out of the operation theatre with a dressing in his right eye. Mr Patel was sent home on the same day.

What is Phacoemulsification?

It is the latest cataract surgery in which eye’s internal lens is emulsified with an ultrasonic handpiece and aspirated from the eye. The aspirated fluids are replaced with irrigation of balanced salt solution, maintaining the anterior chamber as well as cooling the handpiece.
The next day he came for his post-operative follow-up in which Dr Vandana Jain checked his eyes and prescribed few eye drops which will help for quick healing and avoid infection in his eye.
Today Mr Patel is happy to get freedom from his blurry vision and thankful to Dr Vandana Jain. He is pleased with his improved vision saying this is indeed the best eye hospital with the latest diagnostic technologies and an institute with the best eye specialist and humble staffs.Mr Patel is back to his work diagnosing the diseases from the imaging scans and regained back the trust from the consultants.


About Dr Vandana Jain-

Dr Vandana Jain is a Cornea, Cataract and Lasik surgeon. She believes in customising the cataract surgery based on the needs of the patients. One size does not fit all is her mantra when it comes to planning and advising for cataract surgery. The aim of cataract treatment is to give the best possible results and to reduce the post-operative recovery period and aftercare.

About Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute:

Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute in Navi Mumbai is equipped with one of the best eye hospitals in Mumbai. Comprehensive eye check-up and the operation theatres are state-of-art and equipped with the best diagnostic and surgery machines. Personalized care, infection free modular operation theatres and beautiful ambiance complement the cutting edge eye care offered at AEHI. Besides treating patients from Kharghar, Nerul, Vashi and Panvel, patients from all over western India travel to AEHI for world class eye care management.