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Conjunctivae Congestion

A 16 year old boy visited Advanced Eye Hospital & Institute having irritation in right eye. He has complained about watering in eyes since last 3 days. His right eye was red and didn’t have any pain or diminished vision associated. Neither was any history of trauma to the eye.
On examination, his right eye showed conjunctivae congestion.

Although his cornea was clear, lids showed matted eyelashes. Lots of yellowish (purulent) discharge was over lid margin. His left eye was totally normal.
On diagnosis, his right eye conjunctivitis was seen to have a bacterial infection by the kind of discharge present in the eye. The patient was advised to use antibiotic eye drop 4 times a day in the right eye. 
On the follow-up visit after 7 days, congestion was absent. Antibiotic drops were stopped and lubricating eye drops was prescribed.
The conjunctivitis was of allergic and was infectious in nature which was a kind of viral or bacterial entity caused infection. 

About Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute:

Eye specialist of Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute (AEHI), near Vashi, regularly treats patients with various causes of conjunctivitis based on the symptoms presented. The cause of Conjunctivae congestion could also be bacterial infection as in the above-mentioned case study. In case you have similar complaints, feel free to consult one of the best eye doctors at AEHI, Navi Mumbai after undergoing eye check-up.