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Entropion treated successfully at AEHI eye hospital

44-year-old Mrs neeta had been having difficulty in both her eyes for quite a while now. She was operated for cataract surgery 1 year ago and her vision was clear but recently her eyes were watering than usual.

She noticed this problem 6 months ago, and she felt her lashes were rubbing against her eyes. She was annoyed and felt something was in her eyes. Finally, she decided to get it checked by an eye specialist.

She consutled Dr Akshay Gopinathan Nair, the Ophthalmic plastic surgeon at Advanced Eye Hospital & Institute who examined her and he diagnosed her condition as entropion. Entropion is a condition where the eyelid turns inwards and this causes the eyelashes to constantly rub against the eye. it is usually seen in older people and the lower eyelids are noted to be turned in all the time or sometimes it may by visible only when one blinks forcibly or squeezes the eyelids extremely tightly. As age advances, the skin and the ligaments that support the eyelid become loose and this causes the eyelid margin to turn inwards.

She was prescribed lubricating drops to relieve the symptoms of foreign body sensation but eventually needed surgery. If not treated, entropion can cause damage to the cornea – which is the transparent, clear part of your eye and lead to eye infections and even vision loss. She underwent ‘Jones’ procedure’ where the muscles of the lower eyelid were strengthened. She recovered well and is now symptom free.

Eyelid disorders such as entropion are treated by ophthalmic plastic surgeons, which specialize in oculoplasty – plastic surgery around the eye. Advanced Eye Hospital & Institute, the best eye hospital in Mumbai has trained specialists who can address all disorders of the eye.

* Names changed to protect identity / Photographs published with written consent

About the author:

Dr. Akshay G Nair is a fellowship trained oculoplastic surgeon. After his residency at Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai, he trained at L V Prasad Eye Institute, which has trained the best oculoplasty surgeons in India. He has published over 33 papers in peer-reviewed journals in national and international journals. He serves as a reviewer for 9 journals. He practices at Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute, Navi Mumbai; one of the best eye hospitals in India.

About Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute:

Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute in Navi Mumbai is one of the best eye hospitals with squint operation near Vashi. Comprehensive eye check-up rooms and the operation theatres are state-of-art and equipped with the best diagnostic and surgery machines. Personalized care, infection free modular operation theatres and beautiful ambiance complement the cutting-edge eye care offered at AEHI by the best eye doctors including Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeon. At AEHI, all the eye problems are treated including watery eyes, gritty eyelashes, excessive tearing of eyes, Entropion, irritating eyes, etc.