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Stress can affect the eyes too!

Mr Krishna*, a 28 years old IT engineer was suffering from blurred vision in his left eye since 2 years. Krishna had been to many eye doctors and had changed many eye drops without much relief. He came to Dr Yogesh Patil, Retina Specialist at Advanced Eye Hospital for a second opinion. After he conducted a few tests like Fundoscopy and OCT, Dr Patil handed Krishna a diagnosis of Central Serous Retinopathy.

entral Serous Retinopathy (CSR) is an eye condition whose incidence is increasing day by day. In CSR, there is an accumulation of fluid within the layers of the retina (photosensitive layer at the back of the eye). Symptoms are sudden blurring of vision or metamorphosia ie distortion of objects. It is commonly seen in age group between 35-45 years. Common causes of this condition are external steroid intake in form of tablets, inhalational sprays or skin creams. Besides this it is commonly seen in people with Type A personality who have stressful life when body itself produces excessive levels of steroids resulting in CSR.

Dr Patil advised him to undergo a treatment modality called PDT (Photodynamic therapy) and certain lifestyle modifications like meditation and yoga for reduction in stress and tension. He came back 3 weeks after performing PDT and was completely recovered from his eye alignment. CSR is the condition in which not only the diagnosis but proper management of disease including explaining patient the nature of disease and the reason for the condition needs to be explained.

Take Home Message

  • Management of CSR includes immediate removal of steroid agent if any patient is on and explaining him reason for disease.
  • It is very important to reduce intrinsic steroid levels (produced within the body) caused by stress.
  • If the condition persists for more than 3 months it requires treatment in form of laser or PDT.