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Sudden Vision Loss 2 days after Eye Injury

Mrs. Debanjana*, a 38 years old lady came with sudden decrease in vision in her right eye, after a blunt trauma with a stone. Following injury she had minimal pain and redness. These subsided with some eye drops which were prescribed by her local doctor. But 2 days after her injury, she experienced sudden decrease in vision.

Alarmed, Mrs. Debanjana visited Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute in Navi Mumbai to seek opinion from an Eye Specialist. The Cornea Specialist who examined Mrs. Debanjana gave her a clean chit as her anterior segment examination revealed no abnormality. On examination, it was found that her vision was 6/9 N6 in her Right eye and 6/6 N6 in her left eye. This meant that while her near vision was normal in both her eyes, distance vision in her right eye had been affected.

Mrs. Debanjana was then examined by Dr Yogesh Patil, Retina Specialist at AEHI. Fundus examination (Retinal examination) of her right eye revealed partial retinal detachment. Thankfully, this detachment was not involving the macula i.e. the center most important part of her retina. However, Dr Yogesh Patil explained to Debanjana how this is one of the ophthalmic emergencies and would need emergency retina surgery. Any delay in management could lead to progression of retinal detachment with involvement of macula which might then cause severe loss of vision.


 Debanjana’s family realized the severity of the problem. Surgery called Vitrectomy was successfully performed the very next day with reattachment of retina and complete restoration of vision.

Take Home Message:
•    No injury to the eye should be taken lightly.
•    Even minor injuries and blunt trauma can be associated with serious complications like retinal detachment.
•    A complete retina check-up should be done after such injuries.

If you too have suffered from an eye injury that seemed trivial, do not forget to have your eyes examined by an Eye Specialist. It would be best that you get your eyes thoroughly checked by a Retina Specialist too. When it comes to Retina problems after Eye Injuries, time is key!