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The 8yrs old cricket ball injury

Mr. Akhil Raheja*, a 26 year old came in for a routine eye check-up. He had decreased vision in his left eye since 10 months. Akhil had an injury with a cricket ball 8 years back. He did not have any systemic illness or drug allergy in the past.

Mr Akhil was examined in detail by the Glaucoma Specialist at Advanced Eye Hospital, Navi Mumbai. His vision was 6/6 (normal) in the Right Eye and 6/18 in his Left Eye with glasses. The slit-lamp examination was normal. The intraocular pressure (eye pressure) in the right eye was 16 and 30 mm Hg in the left eye. The retina revealed a cup to disc ratio of 0.4 in right eye and 0.8 in left eye with thinning. (The lower the ratio, the better).

Akhil was investigated for glaucoma. Gonioscopy (a test to see the angle between the cornea and iris; which shows the degree and type of glaucoma) showed open angles in right eye and broadening of Ciliary Body Band (ciliary body is a circular band of muscle behind the iris) in the left eye. The central corneal thickness was 530 and 540 microns in the right and left eyes respectively. Examination of peripheral vision (Perimetry) revealed normal vision in Akhil’s right eye and a scotoma (an area of diminished vision) in the left eye. The test was repeated after 2 days and no significant changes were detected.

Hence a diagnosis of Angle Recession Glaucoma after trauma was made. Akhil was started on eye drops to reduce eye pressure in the Left Eye. He was explained about the nature of the disease and the slow progression and irreversibility of the field damage. Akhil was asked to follow up after 2 weeks. 

Take Home Message:

Angle Recession Glaucoma is one of the most common complications after eye injury. This condition may be underdiagnosed because the onset is often delayed and because a history of eye injury may be distant or forgotten.

*Not his real name

About Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute:

Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute (AEHI) in Sanpada is one of the best eye hospitals in Navi Mumbai. Out of the 10 super eye specialists, it has one of the best glaucoma doctors in Navi Mumbai who are trained from prestigious Institutes of India. An eye injury or eye trauma can affect your eye the symptom of which might take years to show. One such complication is Angle Recession Glaucoma, which is one of the most common after an eye injury. Nevertheless, patients of any degree of diminished vision or any eye problem should undergo detailed eye check-up as glaucoma is an irreversible eye disease.