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They wouldn't Marry the Girl with Small Eyes

Sreelata Kumaraswami*, a 26 year old lady came with the complaints of having small eyes since birth. Her parents had noticed these small eyes since birth, but since her eyesight in both eyes had been normal throughout school and college, her parents didn’t bother much. After all, it was just a cosmetic issue. Soon, Sreelata started working as a programmer in a large MNC.  Last year, when her parents sought matrimonial proposals, they were surprised when a lot of them rejected Sreelata’s proposal since she had ‘small eyes’ or ‘droopy eyes’.

Sreelata’s condition is called ‘blepharoptosis’ or simply ‘ptosis’. Ptosis is a defined as drooping of the eyelids. The cause for this can be either of the following: congenital (when the droopy eyelids occur since birth), myogenic (muscle related problems like myasthenia gravis), aponeurotic (this is related to the weakness of the eyelid muscle that is related to age), traumatic, and neurogenic (caused by damage to the nerves).

Image courtesy: L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad

*Not her real name

Sreelata was completely evaluated and was diagnosed to have moderate congenital ptosis with poor levator function. This means that is a condition she was born with and the muscles in her eyelids were extremely weak.

Dr Akshay Nair, Oculoplastic Surgeon performed levator resection surgery for the ptosis in both eyes where the small eyes or the drooping eyes were corrected.  Levator resection is a surgery which tightens the muscle that lifts the eyelid.

Sreelata is now happily married and has no side effects as a result of the surgery.


Take Home Message:

Ptosis can affect either one or both eyes. As regards severity, it may be mild, moderate or severe. i.e. The eyelid may droop very slightly or in severe cases, it may droop so much as to obscure the entire pupil. The pupil is the hole in the centre of the colored part of our eye.

If the ptosis or droopy eyes are severe, it must be corrected at an early age in childhood if we have to prevent a lazy eye from setting in (Amblyopia). Ptosis correction can be done in small children and adults with good results.


Dr. Akshay Nair is an Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeon and Ocular Oncologist at Advanced Eye Hospital in Navi Mumbai. If you too have droopy eyes and would like to undergo surgery for droopy eyelids, book an appointment for a consultation with Dr Akshay Nair today, by clicking here


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