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Don't be lazy while treating the lazy eye

A 4 year old girl presented with a history of inward deviation of her right eye since six months which was intermittent to start with and then became permanent. On examination her unaided visual acuity was 6/24 in the right eye and 6/12 in the left eye. Rest of her eye examination was within normal limits. Cycloplegic retinoscopy revealed a refractive error of +4.00 dioptre sphere in the right eye and +2.00 dioptre sphere in the left eye. Binocular vision testing revealed the right eye to be lazy and the child had no depth perception. The child had refractive accommodative esotropia (convergent squint) and was prescribed the appropriate power of glasses. Her eyes became perfectly aligned just with a simple pair of glasses. She was also given patching therapy to improve the vision in the right eye. Over a period of six months the child had best corrected visual acuity of 6/9 in the right eye and 6/6 in the left eye. Binocular vision testing revealed that the child could now use both her eyes together and she also regained her depth perception.


                      Convergent Squint                                                            After 6 months of spectacle use


Take home message

  • Neglecting squint can lead to permanent loss of vision.

  • Squint does not get better with time as the child grows; as is the common misconception.

  • Sometimes squint may be the presenting sign of an eye tumour or a brain tumour. Hence a thorough check up is mandatory.

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