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Glaucoma: A Disease of the Old?

28 years old Mr Himanshu*, came to Advanced Eye for a routine eye check. He has been wearing glasses since childhood, but in the last couple of years he was experiencing a frequent change in glass power. He has had no acute eye problem, trauma, systemic illness or drug allergy in the past.

On examination of Himanshu’s eyes, his distance vision was 6/6 (normal) in both the eyes. His near vision examination showed numbers of -2.0DS in his Right Eye and -2.25 DS He also had astigmatism in his left eye measuring -0.75. The slit-lamp examination was normal. The pressure was tested and found to be high in both the eyes (28 and 30 mm Hg).



High Eye Pressure can be a sign of Glaucoma. Glaucoma is a condition in which there is damage to the optic nerve at the back of the eye usually due to raised eye pressure. It can occur because of fault in the draining out of the fluid from the eye. A number of tests can be done to find out the severity, cause, type and damage caused by glaucoma.

Gonioscopy (a test to measure the drainage angle) was done for Himanshu which was abnormal (showed high iris insertion). Dilated fundus examination revealed a cup: disc ratio of 0.8:1 with bipolar notching (The lower this ratio, the better). Also, since Glaucoma is known to cause a reduction in one’s peripheral vision, Himanshu underwent a test to study his visual fields. Unfortunately, these showed that he had advanced field loss in both his eyes.

At first Himanshu was surprised to hear of the diagnosis. When the Glaucoma Specialist at Advanced Eye enquired, he found that Glaucoma ran in Himanshu’s family. His uncle and cousin brothers are known cases of glaucoma. However, Himanshu could not believe that someone as young as him could also suffer from Glaucoma. He had always thought that it was a disease that affected Old people.

A diagnosis of juvenile open angle glaucoma was made. Since it is a diagnosis of exclusion, the Glaucoma Specialist ruled out the history of any steroid intake, eye injury in past, any episode of acute blood loss or shock. Himanshu was started on Travatan eye drops in both eyes and advised to undergo filtration surgery. He was explained about the nature of the disease and the irreversibility of field damage.

Take Home Message:

·       Glaucoma can affect young people too.

·       If you have a high degree of near/farsightedness or have family members who suffer from Glaucoma, get yourself checked before you develop any symptoms.

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