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Navi Mumbai girl avails best surgery for her droopy eyelids from AEHI

15-year-old Madhvi Soni (patient’s name changed to protect her identity) was an active student who had completed her 10th exams. She had been on spree of filing applications for junior colleges. However, little did she know that at one of the colleges, few notorious students started teasing her for being sleepy which she did not understand.

After the formalities got finished, an old employee from the same college informed her politely that her droopy eyelid was mistaken as she being sleepy. Madhvi spoke with her mother that evening. Her mother told her that her eyelids are probably lower than normal since childhood. Feeling disappointed Madhvi insisted to her mother to correct it at the earliest, as she did not feel confident. So, based on the recommendation of her mother’s friend, both presented at Advanced Eye Hospital Institute (AEHI) located at Sanpada, Navi Mumbai. 

Madhvi was referred to Dr. Akshay Nair, an Oculoplastic Surgeon at AEHI who diagnosed her with
Simple Congenital ptosis. Luckily, her eye muscle - Levator palpebrae superioris (LPS) responsible for eyelid elevation had good functional reserve.. Further, she did not have Marcus Gunn Jaw Winking phenomenon. 

Ptosis is an eye condition wherein the upper eyelid droops or falls. Congenital ptosis is one of the many types of it, which is due to the maldevelopment of the LPS muscle.

With respect to Madhvi’s case, it was Simple Congenital ptosis because it was not associated with any other anomaly.

Dr. Akshay recommended Madhvi to undergo Ptosis correction surgery and all the complications and possibility of revision was explained to her. The surgery was performed as she agreed to it. 

Post surgery, Madhvi was prescribed with few eye ointments and eye drops and was asked to follow up after a week. 

Follow up day showed good height elevation in Madhvi’s eyelid and both her eyes appeared symmetrical. Madhvi was feeling extremely happy about the symmetry in her eyelid and thanked Dr. Akshay Nair wholeheartedly. 



Although, minor irregularity in the shape of the eyelid corrects itself in the first few months of life, however, if the droopiness continues to exist for longer time, it is congenital ptosis. 

The significant fall in the eyelid does not change with passage of time; hence, ptosis correction surgery is advised. 

If ptosis is left untreated, it can lead to amblyopia (lazy eye) when the droopy eyelid is significant enough to block your vision.


About Dr. Akshay Nair
Dr. Akshay Nair, (MBBS, DNB, FLVPEI) is an Ophthalmic Plastic Surgeon and Ocular Oncologist at Advanced Eye Hospital, near Vashi in Navi Mumbai. Dr Nair has a strong academic background and expertise in performing basic and advanced treatment for tearing eyes, ptosis, orbital diseases and aesthetic oculoplastic surgeries like blepharoplasty etc. He also has many publications and presentations to his credit and has received many awards at national and international forums. Consult Dr. Akshay Nair by booking an appointment.

About Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute:
Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute in Navi Mumbai is one of the best eye hospitals in Mumbai. Diagnostic rooms and the operation theatres are state-of-art and equipped with the best diagnostic and surgery machines. Personalised care, infection free modular operation theatres and beautiful ambience compliment the cutting-edge eye care offered at AEHI. Besides treating patients from Kharghar, Nerul, Vashi and Panvel, patients from all over western India travel to AEHI for world class eye care management.