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Squint: Good Luck or Bad Vision?

Nilesh*’s eyes had been deviated since childhood. His parents had neglected his squint considering it to be a good omen. (Which is a very common myth prevalent in India) Now, a 23 years old computer engineer, Nilesh wished to get his squint corrected, and was on the lookout for a Squint Specialist in Navi Mumbai.

Nilesh sought an appointment at Advanced Eye Hospital in Navi Mumbai. His eyes were examined and it was found that his unaided visual acuity was 6/6 in both the eyes, which meant that he had normal vision without the use of spectacles. He underwent a detailed squint evaluation which showed that Nilesh was alternately using each eye at a time and was never using both his eyes together i.e. he did not have binocular vision. A few days later, Nilesh underwent surgery for his squint correction by Dr Prachi Agashe, Squint Specialist at Advanced eye hospital in Navi Mumbai.

After his squint surgery, Nilesh was relieved to find that his visual acuity was maintained at 6/6 and he attained excellent eye alignment. Binocular vision was not the only thing he gained…. his renewed confidence was palpable too!


Take Home Message:

Many people consider squint to be a sign of good luck. Quite often, this superstition causes kids to lose their vision due to lazy eye or amblyopia(reduced vision due to abnormal development of vision in childhood). Nilesh was lucky enough to have his vision preserved despite the neglect of his squint, others may not be so. Awareness about the need for early correction of squint is very important.


About Dr Prachi Agashe:

Dr Prachi Agashe is an adult squint specialist and pediatric eye specialist at Advanced Eye Hospital in Navi Mumbai. Dr Prachi has had extensive training from the best eye hospitals in India. To book an appointment for Dr Prachi, click here.

*Not his real name