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Children can have cataract too

Chidhood cataracts can lead to blindness if not treated in time.

Don't be lazy while treating the lazy eye

Case of a 4 year old girl who had inward deviation of her right eye since six months.

Squint: Good Luck or Bad Vision?

Case of a 23 years old engineer for whom getting rid of his squint was the real good luck!

Squint correction done at AEHI, Navi Mumbai

Mr Girish had squint after he had an accident followed by head trauma in his teenage. He got his Squint corrected from Dr. Prachi Agashe (Adult Squint

"Just" A Pink Eye

Case of a 2 years old who could have lost his vision due to "just" a pink eye

A Girl with a Constant Head Tilt

Case of a 7 years old girl who had an abnormal head posture since the age of 1

When just Patching won't do.

Case of a 4 years old boy whose squint was unresolved despite 6 months of patching therapy.