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An Edge over the Bulge: KXL and Keratoconus

Case of a 15-year-old girl who had poor vision and squint in her right eye.

Corneal Scar Treated Successfully At AEHI

Case of Ruhi, 8yr old girl came to AEHI for corneal scar in her left eye which she sustained due to fire crackers in Diwali. She was successfully trea

Steven Johnson Syndrome… Not a skin problem alone!

Case of a 73 years old lady who suddenly developed eye problems after a bout of fever and rashes in Singapore

Corneal Ulcer Treated Successfully at AEHI, Navi Mumbai

Mr Ganesh 40 years male is a mason by profession who visited Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute for his eye problems. While working he got his right

Pterygium treated successfully

Mr. Deepak suffered from pterygium in right eye which is an extra growth of tissue over the eye. Dr. Vandana jain treated Mr. Deepak and today he is h

When a tiny Sand Particle caused havoc!

Case of a 31 years old in who almost lost his eye to a tiny sand particle!