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Pseudo exfoliation Syndrome- Treated at AEHI, Navi Mumbai

Case of Mr Karan a retired lecturer visited AEHI with Complaints of redness, watering, swelling in his left eye . He had his consultation with Dr. Raj

The 8yrs old cricket ball injury

Case of a 26 years old boy whose "routine eye check" reminded of his 8 years old cricket injury

Uveitis and Glaucoma - A Catch 22 Situation!

Case of a 42 year old male patient who complained of gross diminution of vision in Left Eye since 3 months.

The Baby with the Big Eyes

Case of a 5 days old baby whose eyes seemed too large!

Raised Eye Pressures Take A Toll

Case of a 60 years old lady who was left with permanent vision loss due to glaucoma

Raised Eye Pressures; But not Glaucoma!

Case of a 50 yrs old man whose eye pressures were raised but did not have glaucoma

Glaucoma: A Disease of the Old?

Case of a 28 years old man who was surprised to be diagnosed with Glaucoma at such a young age...

Glaucoma controlled with a timely Yag Laser treatment

Mrs. Sonali Gholap,* a resident of Vashi, presented with complaints of severe pain, redness, and watering in her left eye associated with nausea and headache . She had a history of decreased vision in her left eye for the past few months which she had been ignoring.