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An unusual cause for a watering eye – Entropion

74-year-old Mrs Ritu Bhatnagar had been having difficulty in both her eyes for quite a while now. She had been operated for cataract surgery 3 years a

Entropion treated successfully at AEHI eye hospital

44-year-old Mrs Neeta had been having difficulty in both her eyes….

Blockage in Tear Duct Treated Successfully

Case of Dacryocystitis of Miss Sarita 18 years got Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) done for her eyes . Operated by Dr. Akshay Nair , Ophthalmic Plastic

They wouldn't Marry the Girl with Small Eyes

Case of a girl who couldn't get married because of her 'small eyes'

Ectropion Treated Successfully at AEHI, Navi Mumbai

Case of Mr Keshav 45 yrs old male had been facing with complaint of difficulty in eyes, as his eyes were red, swollen, irritating and excessive tearing since last 7 months.

Navi Mumbai girl avails best surgery for her droopy eyelids from AEHI

15-year-old Madhvi Soni (patient’s name changed to protect her identity) was an active student who had completed her 10th exams. She had been on spree of filing applications for junior colleges. However, little did she know that at one of the colleges, few notorious students started teasing her for being sleepy which she did not understand.