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Diabetes: the Eyes speak when the Body lies

Case of a 57 years old patient who presented with sudden Decrease in Vision in the right eye since 10 days.

Retinal Detachment Successfully Treated at AEHI

Case of Master Ayush 10 years boy visited AEHI with his parents for his eye complaints. He was successfully treated by Dr. Yogesh Patil for his Retina

Unknown bleed in the eye saved in time-Pre- Macular Sub Hyaloid hemorrhage

A unique case of a 34 year old male whose only complain was decreased vision that led to discovery of large bleed in the eye. He was daignosed and sav

The Sudden Floaters

Case of 35 years architect who suddenly developed floaters in his vision

A Pandora's Box called Diabetes

Mr. V. S. Shukla*, a 54 years old gentleman came with sudden reduction of vision in his right eye since 2 days

Fading Vision in the Old? Beware!

Case of a 58 years old lady whose dim vision was not just a part of normal aging...

Increase in Blood pressure can affect your Eyes

Case of Mr. Raj Patel 40 years came to AEHI , he was been diagnosed to have Hypertensive Retinopathy- Treated by Dr. Yogesh Patil , Vitreo Retinal

Stress can affect the eyes too!

Case of a 28 years old IT Engineer whose stressful lifestyle was taking a toll on his eyes.

The Baby who was born too young

Case of a 28 weeks old baby whose retina had abnormal blood vessels growing

The Mysterious Sudden Vision Loss

Case of a 35 years old healthy Gymming enthusiast who suddenly developed loss of vision

Sudden Vision Loss 2 days after Eye Injury

Mrs. Debanjana*, a 38 years old lady came with sudden decrease in vision in her right eye, after a blunt trauma with a stone. Following injury she had minimal pain and redness.

Kharghar resident avails best laser treatment for impaired vision at Advanced Eye Hospital

42-year-old Mr George Mathew (patient’s name changed to protect his identity) was seeing black spots in front of his right eye since 3 weeks. This complaint gradually increased over last week, which made his near visual activities like office work and reading more difficult.