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Cornea and Refractive Surgery Conference

Where: Vashi, Navi Mumbai
When: 17 March, 2013 
Venue: Hotel Four Points by Sheraton, Near Inorbit Mall, Sector 30 A, Vashi 
Telephone: 9821887716

Session I: 10:00 am to 12:00pm

1.       Corneal biomechanics in refractive surgery and keratoconus: emerging new technology- Dr Roberto Pineda- 10:00-10:15am

2.       Microkeratome versus Femto flaps- Dr. Vandana Jain- 10:15-10:30am

3.       Smile-The new frontier- My experiences- Dr. Sri Ganesh- 10:30-10:45am

4.       Collagen cross linking with laser vision correction-Lasikxtra- Dr. Rohit Shetty-10:45-11:00am

5.       Managing complications of laser Refractive Surgery- Dr. Sujal Shah-11:00-11:15am

6.       Phakic IOL’s- pearls and pitfalls- Dr.  Niteen Dedhia-11:15-11:30am

Panel Discussion- 11:30-12:00pm (Dr. Niteen Dedhia, Dr. Roberto Pineda, Dr. Sri Ganesh)


Tea Break- 12:00-12:15pm


Session II: 12:15pm-1:45pm


1.       Keratoconus overview and Femto INTACS- Dr. Roberto Pineda-12:15-12:30pm

2.       Pediatric C3R- What’s new?- Dr. Vandana Jain-12:30-12:40pm

3.       Laser correction in keratoconus-risks& Benefits - Dr. Rohit Shetty-12:40-12:50pm

4.       ICL in Keratoconus- Dr. Sri Ganesh=12:50-1:05pm

5.       Role of INTACS in Keratoconus-3 years experience- Dr. Niteen Dedhia-1:05-1:20pm

Panel Discussion-1:20-1:45pm (Dr. Vandana Jain, Dr. Vishram Sangit, Dr. Nikhil Gokhale, Dr. Rohit Shetty)


Lunch Break-1:45-2:45pm


Session III: 2:45pm-4:00 pm


1.       Interesting cases in Refractive surgery- Dr. Roberto Pineda-2:45-3:05pm

2.       Interesting Keratoconus cases to analyze progression, stability and post C3R changes- Dr Nikhil Gokhale-3:05-3:25pm

3.       X-Files in Ophthalmology- Dr. Rohit Shetty and Dr. Supriya Dabir - 3:25-4:00pm

2 MMC credit points will be awarded to all participants.


Registration Details:

To Register Contact Mr. Bhushan Phadtare 9821887716

Limited Seats. Register before : 14/3/2013