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New EMI Scheme Launched!

Where: Sanpada
When: 15 August, 2013 
Venue: 30, The Affaires, Palm Beach Road, Sector 17, Sanpada 
Telephone: 022 67313636

With the rising inflation, our pockets are feeling the pinch like never before. But when it comes to our health; especially eye care, we are in a fix. After all, its one's eyes at stake! We would not want to think of cutting costs when it is our parents' cataract or baby's squint in question. But one look at any hospital bill is enough to give anyone sleepless nights!

Not any more...

Advanced Eye Hospital is the first Eye Hospital in Navi Mumbai to launch an EMI Scheme for eye surgery.

Now, you can avail treatment from the best eye specialist in Navi Mumbai and pay in easy installments.

Have been wanting to undergo an Eye Surgery, but delaying it for financial reasons? Book an Appointment today and ask for our EMI Scheme. World Class Eye Care is now in your hands. No strings attached...