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World Environment Day

Where: Sanpada
When: 05 June, 2013 
Venue: 30, The Affaires, Palm Beach Road, Sector 17, Sanpada, Navi Mumbai 
Telephone: +91-22-67313636

When the world needs saving, everybody looks up to the superhero who valiantly rises to the occasion and saves the day thanks to his super powers.

Unfortunately, that is true only in movies and comic books. But our earth needs to be saved because, well… it’s the only home we have!

Luckily, you do not need any fancy capes or superpowers for saving the environment. All you need to do is…care! At Advanced Eye Hospital, we make it even easier for you… With just a few clicks this World Environment Day, you can proudly say that you have made a difference.

Want to know more?

Here’s how it will work out:

Send an email to

with “I want to do my bit for the environment” as the Subject.

Choose a plant that you wish to adopt in the hospital premises.

Sign a name tag on your adoptee plant whenever you come to AEHI.

Leave the rest to us. We will take care of your plant for you and keep you posted on its progress.

Other Green Initiatives by AEHI:

·Meticulous planning of interiors to let natural light in to the reception, waiting, clinic rooms and recovery areas to avoid electricity burden in most frequented areas of hospital.

·Whole hospital has exclusive 3 watt and 12 watt LED lighting totalling up to only 3.5 KVA of lighting load for a 10700 sq foot of built up area which is one of the least for any hospital in India. 

·The whole hospital derives its backup energy from a UPS system with capacity of 30KVA designed especially to obviate the need for fossil based DG set entirely.

World Environment Day

June 5 2013