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Electronic gadgets like mobiles, computers, tablets etc have become part and parcel of life. With various advances in technology, various innovative applications have made our life smooth and easy going but excessive use of electronic gadgets has certain inadvertent effect on eyes. It also leads to various musculo-skeletal health issues. These gadgets have enslaved human beings and unfortunately even children are no exception to this.

Effects of excessive gadget use on children

  • Effect on visual development 

New generation is known to be tech-savvy. Parents are happy to see their children handling mobile, laptop, tablet etc. without struggle. In order to make them gadgets friendly, parents offer children these gadgets at very early stage of life. That has created lots of ocular health issues in society. Due to continuous use of gadgets at such tender age, eyes are being used to see near objects continuously. It affects normal growth of eyes and vision. At the time of birth, child has vision with which one can see nearby objects and surrounding. Child doesn’t have visual acuity equal to the normal emmetropic adult. Emmetropia is condition in which person can read standard charts without any glasses. In children, there is process of emmetropisation by which a child can attain normal visual acuity by the age of 8 to 10 years. In this period, if child is addicted to gadgets then normal visual development gets affected. No wonder, we are getting increasing number of children with glass number at school going age. 

  • 2.Effect on social & physical development:

Apart from eye related issues, addiction for gadgets hamper social, psychological & personality development. Excessive use of mobile makes lifestyle sedentary. Sedentary lifestyle in childhood is associated with lots of health-related issues in young adulthood like early onset of heart diseases, hypertension and diabetes. 

Adequate counselling of children to minimize use of gadgets.
Spreading awareness about ill effects of excessive use of mobile, laptop etc.
Promoting outdoor game activities.

Computer vision syndrome:
This era is driven by technology. So now days office work & computer usage have become synonymous. Excessive use of computer & continuous staring at any other device display/screen cause dry eye, eye strain, headache, blurred vision, difficulty in refocusing etc. This condition is known as Computer Vision Syndrome.  Too dull or too bright display, direct air blow from AC /fan can worsen this condition.

Headache, blurred vision, eye strain, neck pain, irritation of eyes, burning sensation, Dizziness etc. If you experience any of these it is a good idea to also visit an eye doctor.

1.    20-20-20 rule: This rule states that, every 20 minutes, focus eyes on the object 20 feet away for 20 seconds.
2.    Frequent breaks from computer work (To relax eye muscles)
3.    Frequent voluntary blinking (for proper dispersion of tear film over ocular surface)
4.    Use of various modes (night shift etc) during night (It makes screen brightness appropriate and soothing to eyes)
5.    Artificial lubricant drops for frequent administration.
6.    Keeping screen brightness to optimal level (not too bright & not too dull7. 
7.    Use of ergonomics (Screen should be at lower level than eyes, ergonomic based chair & computer table etc.)
8.    Use of computer glasses