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Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography- a boon for Eye doctors

High-speed anterior segment optical coherence tomography (OCT) is an eye diagnostic equipment. It offers a non-contact method for high resolution cross-sectional and three-dimensional imaging of the cornea and the front part of the eye. New generation OCT machines use a longer wavelength of 1310 nm and hence allow penetration through the sclera (white part of the eye). The image acquisition takes a few seconds and produces no inconvenience to the patient or the examiner. 

It is not just useful for diagnosis but also helps in surgical planning and post-operative management. It is useful for diseases of Cornea, iris, anterior chamber angle, glaucoma and lens. 

It helps eye doctors in managing various eye diseases and following up after different surgeries: 
• Mapping of corneal thickness and keratoconus (corneal disease) evaluation
• Measurement of LASIK flap and stromal bed thickness in cases of post lasik ectasia
• Visualization and measurement of anterior chamber angle and diagnosis of narrow angle glaucoma
• Measuring the dimensions of the anterior chamber and assessing the fit of intraocular lens implants
• Visualizing and measuring the results of corneal implants and lamellar corneal transplantation surgeries like DALK, DSEK, DMEK
• Imaging through corneal opacity to see internal eye structures like narrow angle of the eye in glaucoma patients. 

OCT machine for imaging cornea and retina

Optical Coherence Tomographer

Anterior segment OCT proved to be a boon for one of the patients who was referred to Advanced Eye Hospital And Institute for further management. This man had massive corneal oedema after the cataract surgery and he was unable to see. According to the operating surgeon, cataract surgery was uneventful, and he could not delineate the cause of so much corneal swelling. We performed an anterior segment OCT on his affected eye. It showed a thin layer beneath the back of cornea which was suggestive of DM detachment. We performed air injection inside the ye for reattachment of the Descemet’s membrane. Within a couple of days patient recovered and had a near normal vision. 

Diagnostic tests like anterior segment OCT are very useful to reach a diagnosis, manage all kind of patients before and after different types of eye surgery.