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Advanced Eye Hospital & Institute (AEHI) is Western India's premier, multi-specialty, ISO certified Eye Hospital located one-hour drive away from the international airport of Mumbai, India. AEHI offers comprehensive world class eye care by a team of 7 super specialist eye surgeons and trained optometrists and as such is the only eye hospital offering complete eye care under one roof in Mumbai & Navi Mumbai area. Spread over 11000 square feet of beautiful ambience and located on the pristine sea facing Palm Beach Road, AEHI offers personalized eyecare experience with cutting edge medical care.

Eye surgery and treatments in India

Ophthalmology is easily one of the most advanced medical specialties in India and a multitude of eye hospitals in India are rated at par with the world's best.

India houses the largest burden of eye diseases providing the Indian eye hospitals and eye specialists with rich experience of dealing with eye diseases surely and precisely.

Treatments such as Femto-Lasik and SMILE Lasik which are not available in USA are available in India at premier eye centres such as Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute.

So if you or your loved one is thinking of travelling for eye surgery treatment, look no further than Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute, the best Eye Hospital in India

Why visit India for medical and surgical treatment (Medical Tourism)?

India is among one of the preferred healthcare destination because of quality surgical treatment:

The Medical Tourism Climate Survey 2010 ranked India among the top five medical tourism destinations in the world and among the top three when it came to nations that provided best overall services.

Indian doctors are recognised world over for their training, experience and compassion. About of a third of the doctors in USA are Indians.

The medical treatments provided are best in class with latest technology and thousands of people trust their health with Indian doctors every year.

Indian hospitals offer modern infrastructure and medical professional skills that rival the best in the world.

Why come to Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute in India?

  • Latest and most advanced eye diagnostic and surgical suites from Carl Zeiss, Germany

  • All eye super specialist doctors under one roof – 7 eye doctors work together as a team to ensure best diagnosis and treatment

  • ISO 9001:2008 certified hospital ensuring international standards of eye care and treatment processes

  • State-of-the-art operation theatres, fitted with HEPA filters and Laminar flow systems for complete infection control

  • Fully air conditioned hospital with beautiful ambience and designer interiors

  • Exclusive waiting area for our LASIK and surgery patients and their relatives.

  • The staff at AEHI is trained to pay personalized attention to the unique needs of the international medical traveller and is fluent in English.

The centre has been envisioned by Dr Vandana Jain, who has received her Cornea training at Harvard and has a MBA from Stanford, USA.

Facilities available at AEHI:

  • Online Scheduling of Appointment

  • Multiple Payment options: Traveler's Cheques, all major Credit Cards

  • Electronic follow-up care via emails/ tele-consultation/ video chat

  • Coordination with hotels and travel agencies for a eyecare and travel experience


Hotels and Accommodation

Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute (AEHI) has ensured preferential and discounted accommodation at nearby 3, 4 and 5 star hotels with excellent rooms and suites as per your taste and budget. All these hotels are within 5-15 minute drive from the hospital so that your treatment is hassle free and time wastage is prevented.


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