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03 Dec 2013
'Age-related vision loss can be cured'

NAVI MUMBAI: People often experience vision loss, distortion of objects, blurring vision or hyperopia after they cross 60. It sometimes even leads to irreparable blindness. But doctors at a conference held in Vashi said, just like cataract, this affliction can be cured too.

Age related macular degeneration (AMRD) has been increasing in Indians, the doctors at the Retina Roundabout organized by Advanced Eye hospital and Institute said. "As average life expectancy in India increases, the cases of AMRD rise with it," said a doctor at the conference. But it can be treated if diagnosed early and almost perfect vision can be restored, he added.

"The only thing that can prevent permanent vision loss is the detection of this disease in its early stages. The condition does not have any symptoms in the initial stages, but gradually, it advances towards loss of vision,"said Dr Yogesh Patil, a retina surgeon. It can be detected by regular checkups by a retina specialist.

Patil said that the problem, however, was that many ophthalmologists are not aware of the problem and its treatment. He said it can treated with controlled anti-VEGF injections and in rare cases, retina surgery. Over 120 city ophthalmologists attended the meet.

Authored By: Indrani Basu