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06 Jun 2013
At this hospital, regular patients turn life-givers

SANPADA: The Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute (AEHI), Sanpada encouraged its patients to adopt plants, thereby not only doing its bit for the environment, but also involving its patients in the green initiative.

Online invites were sent out to patients, and AEHI planted the saplings of the patient’s choice on the hospital premises. The plants will be nurtured by employees, and patients will be updated regularly on the progress of their saplings.

The hospital also has an environmentally-friendly infrastructure, with energy efficient bulbs, use of as much natural light as possible instead of electricity in the most-frequently used rooms, use of sun blocking films to reduce the load on the air conditioner, and an electronic records system to save paper.

The hospital is partly paperless now and will be completely paperless in two months.

Authored By: Tasneem Kausar, HT Correspondent