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27 Feb 2018
Cataract Hits Much Earlier Than Before

Study done by expert eye doctors at Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute, Sanpada - Navi Mumbai, the best cataract surgery hospital in navi mumbai reveals startling and disturbing facts about a rising number of younger people developing previously related only with the elderly, eye malady - "Cataract" leading to early cataract formation not seen previously.


In India usual prevalence of cataracts in the past had been 75% above age of 60 and 85% above age of 70.

Study results shows a steadily increasing percentage of younger people (between 30 and early 40's yrs. of age) are developing cataracts.

Data from over 2 and half years were collated, over 4721 cataract cases were studied and analysed for age, risk factors and type of cataracts.

514 of these cases were between 30 - 50 yrs. of age. Over 11% of the total data collected, as opposed to only 2 % in previous year.

4% of these were cataracts casued due to diabetes while 3% were cataracts caused due to steroid intake for other diseases.


Cornea Cataract and Refractive Surgery expert, Dr. Vandana Jain quoted "Even though aging is the major risk factor for cataracts, Diabetes, the use of steroids, unprotected exposure to UV radiations, smoking and alcohol consumption are equally responsible early cataracts causes which leads to early cataract formation."


Glaucoma and Cataract services  expert, Dr. Rajesh Mishra seconded that cataracts were affecting people at a much earlier age as opposed to before. Dr. Mishra quoted "This maybe because we are able to detect them earlier and also people in general have started recognizing problems with vision earlier and end up coming for a check up.


A few preventive measures as guided by them are:

·      Suggest protection of eyes from, UV light exposure to reduce risk of cataract at earlier age.

·      Simplest and most effective way is to stay away from sun

·      If not possible then wear a hat and cover eye area when outside, particularly between 10am to 3pm.

·      Only buy sunglasses whose label guarantees 99% UVB and 95% UVA rays being blocked.

·      Consume Vitamin C and Xanthophyll rich foods such as dark green leafy veg, Amla and oranges as they are likely to help retards the aging process in the eye and protect against cataracts.