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28 Mar 2012
Conjunctivitis on the rise

“It’s more than a week now we have been seeing cases of conjunctivitis which is very unusual as it is not specifically a summer problem,” said Dr S Natarajan, managing director Aditya Jyot eye hospital, which has seen 12 cases till now. Dr S Natarajan points out that there is no particular source from where the problem occurs. But warns not to take it lightly and avoid self-medication.

“If the eye is allergic there is no need to worry, but if it is infective than the virus and bacteria needs to be controlled,” said Dr Vandana Jain, cornea specialist, Aditya Jyot hospital.

Even as doctors do not know the exact source of the problem, they zero it down to edino virus. “The edino virus is normally seen during change in season," said Dr Vandana Jain. “Edino virus is said to be the cause of conjunctivitis where a patient comes with sore throat, feverish feeling and a small gland near the ear. But it passes over a period of 7 to 10 days,” said Dr Vinod Mehta, an ophthalmic surgeon from Ghatkopar.

Authored By: Dr. Vandana Jain