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13 Mar 2015
Infants gain gift of vision through rare surgeries

Complex eye surgeries among toddlers are not unheard of. But recently, a three-month-old boy, who was a premature new-born, underwent a retina surgery in a sanpada hospital to regain vision in his left eye. Bornali Banerjee, a resident of Sanpada, delivered a preterm boy, Ishant at 27 weeks.

When Ishant was two months old, he was diagnosed with internal bleeding in left eye by Dr. Piyush Jain, neonatologist and paediatrician. Retina specialist Dr. Yogesh Patil from Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute, Sanpada, examined him and found that the left eye had no vision.

Also, there was bleeding in front of retina, a condition known as vitreous haemorrhage. According to Dr. Patil, Ishant had a bleed in the eye, which is even rarer than retinopathy of prematurity- a condition where abnormal blood vessels develop in the retina of premature babies.

Fortunately, his retina was still attached and Ishant was advised surgery. “But since he also had a hole in the heart, we had to wait. He underwent a vitreo-retinal surgery under general anesthesia, when he weighed a mere 1.5kg.” said Dr. Jain. The surgery took an hour and Ishant was discharged after a day.” To operate on a premature baby under general anaesthesia was a high risk.” Said Dr. Jain

Authored By: Times of India