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19 Apr 2015
Move over myths, new, bladeless Lasik surgery will help you see in five minutes?

Navi Mumbai: forty-five year old Jagpreet Singh, a Kharghar resident, used glasses since he was 14. Although he desired to get a lasik done, he desired to get a lasik done, he feared the repercussions. Finally, he opted for a reflex smile lasik. The pachymetery showed a thin cornea and hence a conventional flap or a blade based procedure was not safe for him. But doctors said he was suitable for a flapless bladeless procedure. The surgery took five minutes and he was back to work in three days.

Recently, ophthalmologists encourage people to opt for lasik surgery for quicker results. Technology has changed the duration of the surgery has been shortened and recovery is now quick, making it the ideal way to solve the problem.

Since its inception in the 1990s over 30 million people have benefitted from it. While every case (around 15-20%) may not be suitable for this kind of surgery, certain tests determine if lasik may work on a patient. With the new advanced surgery, even earlier rejects the benefit.

“The main difference between conventional and relex smile lasik is bladeless and flapless surgery where the cut on the cornea is only 2-3, instead of 27mm,” said Dr. Vandana Jain, chief surgeon, Advanced Eye Hospital.

A larger cut causes more pain, makes cornea thin and unstable. Recovery is prolonged and there is risk of flap related problems,” A weak cornea can start bulging forward and give rise to serious complications. This lasik preserves the strong front part of corneal tissue,” Dr. Jain added.

Senior ophthalmologist Dr. Tushar Muni said that the safety and precision of lasik increased manifold, “The new technology works the safest as the cut is only 2mm, and it is safe even in dry eyes and thin corneas” he said

What to believe



Lasik is risky for eyes

It the pre-Lasik tests are normal, then it is safe to do Lasik

Lasik cannot be done after the age of 40         

Lasik can be easily done at any age between 18-60

Number can come back after Lasik

If the number is stable for one year, then it won’t come back

Anyone who wants Lasik, can get it done

Not everyone is suitable for Lasik, so tests are required

Authored By: Dr. Vandana Jain