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28 Mar 2015
Sanpada hospital offers new cataract lens treatment

Sanpada: Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute (AEHI)in Sanpada is the first eye hospital in the city to offer a new cataract lens called ‘trifocal lens’ that offers vision akin to natural vision. Dr. Vandana Jain, cataract and cornea specialist at the hospital, said, “Till now, the choice of lens was only between multifocal (bifocal) or unifocal. Some patients, especially those living a busy and active life, wanted to have vision as natural as possible after cataract surgery. With the availability of trifocal lens, more and more people have been opting for them. We are happy to see excellent results.” Jain added, “Trifocal lens implantation is a micro incision procedure. This surgery takes a few minutes and is done after putting anaesthetic drops. No injections are given, which also removes the pain and the scare associated with the surgery. Vikas Gaitonde, who got the ‘trifocal lens’ implanted, said, “My active lifestyle demands perfect vision at all the distances. After my cataract surgery, I have got complete freedom from glasses, a near-perfect eyesight at all distances.”

Authored By: Tasneem Kausar