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26 Jul 2013
Study shows kids averse to wearing glasses

A recent study conducted by Navi Mumbai-based Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute, on 3,581 schoolchildren highlights how 64% of the children surveyed have poor vision but did not wear glasses regularly as they were not pushed enough at home or their need for spectacles was overlooked. 

What made matters worse, is that apathetic attitude of parents which could be pushing many children towards a life with permanently reduced vision. “The effects of longstanding uncorrected vision problems could be catastrophic,” said Dr Vandana Jain, Cornea and 
Refractive Surgeon and principal investigator of the study. “The first 11 years in the life of a child are crucial for the development of the eye. If measures are not taken to correct refractive errors, the child may suffer from permanent reduction of vision.” 
She said many parents bring children to ophthalmologists, thinking they made excuses to avoid studies. “Ideally, parents should be insisting on an eye checkup just like they stress on vaccination, nutrition or co-curricular activities.” 

Authored By: Vision Plus Team