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08 Aug 2008
The festival of lights once again has resulted in high number of eye injuries in the city

The festival of lights once again has resulted in high number of eye injuries in the city. On Wednesday and Thursday, children who have been the predominant victims flocked the outpatient department of hospitals across Mumbai. “This year there were no serious cases of burns and eye injury. All patients were treated on OPD basis,” said Dr Sanjay Oak, Dean King Edward Memorial hospital, Parel.

However there were some cases of serious burn injuries to the eye. Fireworks revelry turned into a nightmare for eight-year-old Jagatbandhu Tripathi when soot went inside his right eye. “He was not bursting crackers. After Laxmi Pujan, he went to see the fireworks in the compound; a firecracker burst next to him and the soot went into his right eye. Things worsened as he rubbed his eye,” said Krishnagupta, Jagatbandhu’s father. He adds, “Like how tobacco selling is banned for minors, even selling crackers should be banned. Also one elder person should be there while bursting crackers.”

Jagatbandhu was rushed to Sion Hospital and after primary treatment, he was admitted to Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital. “The boy sustained thermal injury and the whole outer surface of the eye was damaged. Also the stem cell is damaged,” said Dr Vandana Jain, head of department and consultant, Cornea, cataract and refractive surgeon, Aditya Jyot Eye Hospital. 

“Currently he is on medication to reduce the pressure as it is grade four thermal burns with total limbal stem cell deficiency. He can barely see objects. He will need repeated surgery but only after his pressures come under control,” said Dr Jain. According to city ophthalmologists, some children suffered injuries while burning used crackers on the last day of Diwali. “Two cases of minor injuries were also brought in last week where splinters burnt the cornea of the patient,” added Dr Jain.

Authored By: Dr. Vandana Jain