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Patients with Cataract and other general eye diseases are looked after here at the AEHI.

General Ophthalmology

Eye problems such as but not limited to blurry vision, eye pain, double vision, watery eyes, or fluid discharge from eyes, are all treated after thorough evaluation. Each patient undergoes a comprehensive eye check-up at Advanced Eye Hospital & Institute (AEHI) in Sanpada, Navi Mumbai.

AEHI is a multi- speciality eye hospital with cutting-edge machines to accurately measure and treat eye diseases. AEHI has 10 super specialist eye doctors to take care of any eye disease with utmost care and warmth.

Specifically, the general ophthalmology Service provides:

 1. Cataract Screenings

 2. Comprehensive eye examinations

 3. Vision screenings

 4. Cataract Surgery

 5. Contact lens examinations

 6. Consultations with other subspecialists in ophthalmology based on the need

 7. Referrals to specialists in other medical disciplines depending on the person’s systemic conditions 

(such as endocrinologists for patients with diabetes)


This service is fully equipped with the latest state of art technology for performing sutureless cataract surgeries and other common eye procedures. We have dedicated state of the art operation theatre with latest advanced machines for performing the eye surgeries by experienced eye specialists.

The aim of General ophthalmology services is to provide treatment for common eye diseases and refer the patient to specialists and other services based on the need and the eye disease.


Treatment for eye diseases

Service with a Smile

The Hospital is ISO certified and pays full attention to patient care processes and personalized service. The patients love the ambience and the service experience at the hospital. The hospital frequently gets rave reviews about the amazing eye doctors and the empathetic staff. Each staff at AEHI has been trained into extending personal care and attention to people suffering from eye problems. We realise that sometimes a warm smile is all that’s needed to take away the pain of visiting a hospital. After all, nobody visits the hospital by choice.

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