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Lasik Xtra: Corneal Collagen Cross Linking KXL

Corneal weakening occurs as a result of every Lasik surgery. Keratoconus is a condition in which there is thinning and bulging of the cornea.

Lasik Xtra is a new procedure that can restore the strength of the cornea with a simple five-minute treatment accompanying Lasik surgery using a technique called the Corneal Collagen Cross Linking (KXL).

How Corneal Collagen Cross Linking is performed:
After the refractive correction in a Lasik procedure is completed, Riboflavin is applied to the exposed part of the cornea. The flap is replaced and then the UVA exposure is done. The chemical bonds in one’s cornea are strengthened by this application of Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) followed by treatment with UV Light. The power of the UV radiation is increased so that the eye is exposed to the same energy as before albeit in a shorter time thanks to this latest KXL technique.

Advantages of Corneal Collagen Cross Linking:

The collagen cross linking that usually takes about an hour is reduced to 3 minutes.

Allows the treatment of patients with thinner corneas

Avoids the risk of post Lasik ectasia

Halts the progress of thinning or change in curvature of one’s cornea as seen in keratoconus.

No material interruption to the normal speed and flow of the Lasik procedure

Does not increase patient discomfort


Advanced Eye Hospital, Sanpada is the first hospital in the state to acquire the KXL System for accelerated Cross Linking and Lasik Xtra. Patients from all over Mumbai and Navi Mumbai including Nerul, Kharghar, Belapur, Vashi, Sanpada, Koparkhairane, Airoli and Chembur will be relieved to know that they now have access to the best laser surgery.