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Mr. Abdul Aziz Humaid Al Hashemi

The guys that came with me for their treatment were also very impressed with your services.

Mr. Matthew Linzmeier

Mr. Matthew Linzmeier (AEHI/037879), from USA, got operated for Smile Lasik on 8th March 2018 by Dr Vandana Jain. 

Mr. Shripoorna Gawali

Hospital is well equiped. I will definetly recommend this Hospital for my friends and family

Ms Sheetal Marwah

Dr Vandana - great to talk to and was good help with all the info.

Mr. Tidhare

Excellent services by all & clean hospital. Better than Mumbai Hospital.

Ms. Kajal Patil

My Smile Lasik surgery went smoothly and was totally painfree. Under doctor's guidence, within 10 minutes the transition of glasses to normal eyesight vision was restored.

Ms Shanuli Gupta

They are excellent in extending the support and services with a nice smile

Ms Manashree Parab

The overall experience was excellent & would refer also to my friends & relatives.

Mrs. Charmi Vora

Dr. Vandana Jain was a sweetheart during LASIK. She did not even make me realize the pain and it just happened I didn’t expect to get it over in few seconds.

Mr. Zain Shaikh


Mrs. Sarasa Balasubramanian

All the employees behave very well with patients and also the attendants.

Mr. Sumit Karia

By coming to Dr. Vandana Jain, I was very confident about having surgery at Advanced Eye Hospital & Institute mainly because of her good degree, experience, approachable nature which made me feel that I was in best hands.

Mrs. Markab Warsame

I testify with confidence that AEHI is destined to be among the best eye hospitals and research institutes in the world.

Mr Vishal Jadwani

Teriffic Experience throughout pre & post treatment at AEHI.

Mr Lucas Lindgren

The way people treat me here really makes me feel like I'm welcome & employees will do everything to serve me like a king!

Mr Dipak Mahapatra

ach of you are doing a splendid job by maintaining the needed harmony and being the right consultant

Mrs Ujwala Wagh

I will recommend AEHI to all my friends and will tell them that it is worth making a visit here for all eye complaints even from Pune.

Mrs Smita Datar

A real advanced eye hospital with state of the art equipments, plus treatment at affordable cost.

Mrs Madhu Shrivastava

After we came here we immediately got impressed by its very helpful reception, the neat and clean environment.

Mr Nitin Sharma

All the employees are very good and helpful.

Mr. R. S. Iyengar

Mr. R. S. Iyengar had diminished eye vision for both near and far from last 3 years.

Mr Fitkariwala

The Advanced eye hospital is very friendly in all respect.

Mr. Sibabrata Das

Your culture of service of each worker and doctor is appreciable

Mr. Jagdish Rohekar

The diagnostic, Co-ordination between various departments the doctors and the post-operative care was well taken care of.

Ms. Swati Sharma

My experience was good. I liked the cleanliness, behaviour of all the employees. Talking to the doctors was satisfying.

Mr. L. B. Jagdale

The Doctors staff was most co-operative, courteous. I am very much happy with the service rendered to me & my wife.

Mr Ronald Fernandez

We are very pleased with the treatment and the feel good & relaxed atomsphere.

Ayesha Sheth

We recieve a lot of appreciation, sometimes in feedback form and sometimes on social media. 

Dr Vanraj Bhagat

Truly word class service Excellent Team of Doctors

Mr Kiran Phanse

A great Hospitality ! 

Shauryaveer Singh

After coming here, I was very happy with the behavior of the staff. Specially the Doctor was very cordial.

Mr Anil Kenny

"Everything is Excellent!"

Mrs. Perlene Irani

Excellent and patient doctors and nursing staff. Keep up the standard and quality of service.

Mr. Vikas Sharma

This is truly world class service, with the kind of warmth personol attention,its simply feels great.Thanks zillion to Dr Vandana & entire team AEHI

Mr A R Srinivasan


All (the employees) seem to be very proficient in their responsibilities. I visited two departments. Both were excellent.

Mrs Binal Dharmawat

Each and every employee is as good and dedicated as others. You are doing a great job, keep it going...

Mr. Deepak Sehgal

I found your service to be supportive, consultative & non - intrusive.

Mr Bijay Kumar Khaitan

I am quite pleased with the manner in which the entire operation has been performed. the staff of the hospital is courteous & most professional.

Dr Somnath Bhattacharya

Every body is extremely good & very caring.

Mr Varoon Marwah

Would like to thank the entire team from the Reception to the Waiting area till Dr Vandana Jain KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! 

Arjun Agarwal

We came all the way from Pune and it was worth it. Wish there were hospitals like AEHI in all cities of India 

Ms. Sujata Sen

Its an excellent experince to be here and get the proper guidance and treatment

Mrs. Savita Saxena

Our short term experience here at AEHI had been really very pleasant and highly accomplishing

Mrs. Indubala Chauhan

A 78 years old elderly lady undergoes her second successful Cataract Surgery eye at AEHI

Mrs. Jayshree Shah

An 65 years old House wife mrs. Jayshree Shah with hardened cataracts undergoes successful Cataract Surgery.

Mrs Vimal Balde

It was a really good experience at Advanced Eye Hospital in Navi Mumbai. My special thanks to Dr Vandana Madam

Mrs Barkha Bhatia

Nice Experience. Doctors are personally approachable and friendly to patients. 

Mr. V S Chouhan

As an old senior citizen, he was a little worried. Dr. Vandana Jain was like a daughter to him.

Mr. Munirali Merchant

The support and care provided by the Dr's as well as support staff has been excellent. I would recommend it to all who require eye care. 

Mr. Nitin Shewale

All the staff are excellent. I think it is Best in the Class Eye Care Hospital in Navi Mumbai. 

Mr. Ebrahim Resamwala

Mr. Ebrahim Resamwala, age 58 year old, visited Advanced Eye Hospital on 17th February, 2015. He had complained of severe blurriness of vision. 

Mr. Anurag Shrivastava

Today we had surgery at this hospital. We felt at home away from home. 

Mr. C K Bharathan

In this Eye Hospital each and every employee is expert in their field. The service is also excellent.

Mr Swadesh Kapoor

Dr. Vandana Jain is excellent at her work. She makes us feel comfortable & explained every problem completely.

Mr Surya Deo Upadhyay

Though every one are very good in AEHI, Dr Vandana has no match

Mr Sanjay Kumar

Initially we were apprehensive, but our confidence level increased after we met Dr Vandana.

Mr P K Barva

Nice Experience. Doctors are personally approachable and friendly to patients. 

Mr. S M Kolte

Mr. S.M. Kolte, came to Advanced Eye Hospital in Navi Mumbai, for his Cataract Surgery by Dr Vandana Jain.

Mr John Carrington

Everyone polite, helpful and calming. The surgery was painless.

Mr Bijay Kumar Khaitan

I am quite pleased with the manner in which the entire operation has been performed. the staff of the hospital is courteous & most professional.

Dr. Ratan Chandra Jain

An 80 year old Editor of "Jinbhashit", from Shahpura, Bhopal, with hardened cataracts undergoes successful Cataract Surgery.