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Dr. Ratan Chandra Jain

Prof. Dr. Ratanchandra Jain, an 80-year-old Editor of "Jinbhashit", from Shahpura, Bhopal, had visited Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute on 7th April 2015 seeking freedom from his cataracts. He had previously been denied by multiple eye surgeons he had visited due to the hardening of his cataracts. He underwent successful Cataract Surgeries for each eye on 13th and 25 August 2015 respectively. A week after, an overjoyed Dr. Ratan Chandra Jain writes us a letter detailing his ordeal and his gratefulness. The letter is as follows:
"02 September 2015
I was diagnosed with Cataract in Bhopal, where I stay. I wanted to be able to see clearly and so approached many eye surgeons. While one said that my cataract had hardened, and it cannot be operated, another said that the cataract is small so there is no need for operation and that as long as I was able to see, I shouldn't consider going in for a surgery. This doctor too tried to avoid the operation just like the previous one. All this behaviour and denial was starting to scare me. I felt as if I was fated to breathe my last as a blind man.
I was sad and dejected, I wanted to be able to see properly. I discussed my situation with my relatives. I got to hear about Dr. Vandana Jain through my relatives, Prof. Nijaykumar and his son, Mr. Aashish Jain. Prof. Nijaykumar had already got both of his eyes operated on, successfully by Dr. Vandana Jain and highly praised and recommended her skills as the best eye surgeon in India. A few other relatives also seconded that opinion as soon as they heard it. It piqued my interest and rekindled my drowned hopes. I decided to check it out for myself. My eldest son, Mr. Animesh Pandit and his wife, Sangeeta stay in Mumbai itself, so I came down to Mumbai in April and visited Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute, Sanpada - Navi Mumbai with the both of them. I met with and explained my entire situation to Dr. Vandana Jain while she was going through my reports. She listened to the entirety of my medical history and then compassionately said that no one should be denied an eye surgery, it is true that my cataracts had become hard and would require higher intensity Lasers which might in turn cause some swellings, but that would subside within 4-6 days. She mentioned that at AEHI, they have the latest laser surgery equipments and also the expertise to use them effectively and efficiently. She advised that she was willing to go ahead with the operation if I was ready to do so myself.
My previously dashed hopes and expectations were rekindled exponentially by all this information and positive words from Dr. Vandana Jain. I had already come to know that Dr. Vandana is a highly talented Cataract Surgeon but up close her compassionate smile, confidence, her entire aura and her inspiring eloquence really boosted my own confidence and expectation. I felt as safe as a child in his mother's embrace entrusting my eyes and future to Dr. Vandana. I decided to go ahead with the surgery, which was very successful. I would also like to mention that I felt no discomforts, neither during nor after the surgery.
The staff at Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute were also very compassionate and welcoming just like Dr. Vandana. They handled my entire situation professionally and in a soft, compassionate manner. They always welcomed me with a smile, were very respectful and even answered my queries as they went about with pupil dilations and other tasks.
I am thankful to AEHI, Sanpada and especially Dr. Vandana Jain and send along my best wishes to one and all.
I will definitely recommend Dr. Vandana Jain and AEHI to all in need of a Cataract Surgery and will do so as soon as I reach back in Bhopal, my own instance being the live proof.
Prof. Dr. Ratanchandra Jain
Editor: Jinbhashit
Shahpura, Bhopal"