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Mr A R Srinivasan

Mr. A R Srinivasan, a resident of Vashi visited Advanced Eye Hospital near Vashi on 10th August 2013. Mr. Srinivasan had been diagnosed with Papilloedema (Swelling of the Optic Disc of the Eye) and had been advised to go in for Optic Nerve Fenestration. He also had a history of Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (raised blood pressure of the blood vessels in the brain). 

Mr. Srinivasan visited Dr. Haresh Asnani, Consultant Retina Specialist at Advanced Eye Hospital near Vashi for a second opinion. Mr. Srinivasan had the following to say about his patient experience at AEHI: 

"It was a really good experience at Advanced Eye Hospital in Navi Mumbai. 
All are co-operative.
All (the employees) seem to be very proficient in their responsibilities.
I visited two departments.
Both were excellent."