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Mr. R. S. Iyengar

Mr. R. S. Iyengar had diminished eye vision for both near and far from last 3 years. He visited Advanced Eye Hospital & Institute on 26th February 2015. By then, he had already undergone injection in both eyes. He had a history of diabetes in addition to high cholesterol.  On same day he was given injection Avastin in both the eyes, Intracameral and Intraviteral.

Following are the lines he said on follow-up visit post 2 weeks. He also underwent injection Avastin on 20th March.

“The professionalism combined with ‘Service with Smile’ was really an excellent experience.”
“The ambience of the hospital reminded me one of the hospitals in UK.”
“Dr. Yogesh Patil, who performed the laser treatment was kind, patient and made me feel at ease.”