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Mrs. Markab Warsame

Mrs. Markab Warsame from Nairobi, Kenya, visited AEHI on 12th October 2013 with her grandson Mr. Ahmed Nadhir. Mrs. Markab received treatment from Retina Specialist at Advanced Eye Hospital, Dr. Yogesh Patil for Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD).

Her grandson Mr. Ahmed Nadhir, reviews his visit to Advanced Eye Hospital in Navi Mumbai
I discovered AEHI on the net (thanks to Google). 
What captured my attention was the profile of the doctors and the information on various eye diseases. I did not need to think twice to bring my Grand Mum who had eye problems for so long to AEHI.
We surely had a rare amazing experience at the hospital. Friendly staff, skilled and experienced doctors who know what they are doing and share information with patients and generally nice environment. 
I recommend the hospital to anyone. I testify with confidence that AEHI is destined to be among the best eye hospitals and research institutes in the world. 
Thank You AEHI.
Ahmed Nadhir Dahir,
Nairobi, Kenya