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Getting to see clearly, is a journey 12 September, 2012

The word Hospital often scares people and when it comes to one's eyes, getting to see clearly often becomes stressful. As an eye care organization dedicated to patient care -- Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute (AEHI) Navi Mumbai, one of the best eye hospitals in India, we believe that this journey to clear vision should be delightful and we are with you in this journey.

Patient Experience

Patient Success Story

Patient Success Story - Bimal Kumar Ghosh

Kulwinder Farmahan Testimonial About Her Cataract Surgery at Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute?

Dr. Resham Lal experience about his cataract and Lasik treatment at AEHI

Sunil Panvalkar experience on eye treatment at AEHI.

Vijaya Tandle's Testimonial about her Cataract Surgery at AEHI

Ms. Neha Iyer's experience at AEHI

Hanif Dhurue experience at AEHI

Avinash Iyer experience on LASIK procedure performed at AEHI

A miracle for my eyes - A Relex Smile Lasik Review: Mrs Megha Kaushik

Lasik Surgery experience at Advanced Eye Hospital & Institute, Navi Mumbai, India: Dr Soumya Jain

Nanhe Nayan: School kid Prinsh thanks AEHI for his eye checkup

Nanhe Nayan: Special Educator's Insights on Counselling

Nanhe Nayan - Achal talks about AEHI eye doctors

Nanhe Nayan - Sahil shares his AEHI experience

AEHI Experience - the new WOW in eyecare @ Best Eye hospital, Navi Mumbai, India

Experts Speak

Know Your Doctor - Dr. Vinayak Damgude

Dr. Yogesh Patil, Retina Specialist at AEHI | Best Eye Hospital in India

Dr Rajesh Mishra | Know Your Doctor | Advanced Eye Hospital

Dr Prachi Agashe | Paediatric Eye Specialist | Know Your Doctor

Ptosis (droopy eyelid) -treatment, surgery (blepharoplasty)- Dr Akshay Nair, AEHI, Navi Mumbai

Keratoconus- diagnosis and treatment - Dr Vandana Jain, Advanced Eye Hospital, Navi Mumbai, India

Dr Vandana Jain, Lasik Surgeon, Navi Mumbai, India talks about Relex SMILE Lasik Laser Surgery

Heal Better, Feel Better at AEHI: Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute, Best Eye Hospital, India

Getting to see clearly, is a journey

Common eye problems in children Dr Prachi Agashe

What is Conjunctivitis Dr Prachi Agashe

Vision correction surgery and lenses Dr Prachi Agashe

Squints and their correction Dr Prachi Agashe

Retinopathy of Prematurity & Nystagmus - Dr Prachi Agashe.mp4

How often should you take your child for an eye checkup Dr Prachi Agashe

Foods to improve vision Dr Prachi Agashe

First Aid for eye injuries Dr Prachi Agashe

Eye boils Styes in children Dr Prachi Agashe

Best Eye Hospital in Mumbai, India: Advanced eye hospital and Institute, Navi Mumbai

What happens in SMILE Lasik Surgery

Relex Smile Lasik Explained

Surgery and diseases

Macular Pucker Surgery performed by Dr. Yogesh Patil, Retina Specialist at AEHI, Mumbai, India


SICS Trabeculectomy

Small Incision Cataract Surgery (SICS)

Phaco In Pseudoexfoliation Surgery

Combined Phaco Trabeculectomy

Dr Akshay Nair, Ocular oncologist at Advanced Eye Hospital & Institute

Cataract Surgery Operation by Phacoemulsification (Stitchless): Dr Vandana Jain,AEHI Navi Mumbai,

Freedom from Glasses with best Laser, Relex SMILE Lasik at Advanced Eye Hospital, Navi Mumbai, India

Relex SMILE Lasik - The Best Laser Surgery -Dr Vandana Jain, Navi Mumbai, India

Amblyopia in a child- Video by Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute, Navi Mumbai, India

What is Glaucoma- diagnosis and treatment: Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute, Navi Mumbai, india

Femto-Lasik - Bladeless Laser Vision Correction surgery at AEHI, Navi Mumbai by Dr Vandana Jain

Events and General

Navi Mumbai Awaaz Achiever's Awards 2018 winner- Advanced Eye Hospital (Caring Hospital Category)

Stars support TMJ 2016 - World's largest walk against blindness at AEHI, India

Nanhe Nayan: School Teacher's Experience at Advanced Eye Hospital

How To Take Care Of Your Spectacles: Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute, Navi Mumbai, India